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[Review] Document Consultants 10-Person Order Review (IDs)
[Review] Document Consultants 10-Person Order Review (IDs)
Seller Info: [Document Consultants] (704)313-8416
After nearly 3 weeks, [Document Consultants] came through and delivered. Not bad at all for what I was expecting. I have to give them props for delivering with everything that went down with his CS. I ordered for 10 people but only 09 came. Currently talking with him about making the forgotten person. Not going to do a huge in-depth review but will go over all four states people got in my order.
Communication: [8/10]
The first time I placed the order, I would get a response whenever I needed. In August, hit a dead period with no response for about 3 days. Finally responded early September and said they would be remade and rushed.
Cost: [10/10]
Worked out a great deal for the amount of people I had. Can't complain at all about the price. Highly recommend.
Stealth: [9/10]
Had to go through customs so it was solid.
 Illinois [7/10]
One of the better NJs I've seen. Fonts and colors look good. DL# correctly formatted. Can be a bit more better with color changes.
New Jersey [8/10]
One of the better NJs I've seen. Fonts and colors look good. DL# correctly formatted. Signature is a bit small.
Maryland [6/10]
Personally I think this job was not done well but I was extremely surprised with the micro on this. Micro is clear down the middle. Overall the ID needs to be lightened for it to be a good ID.
Tennessee [8.5/10]
Definitely the best looking of the bunch. Besides missing OVI, this ID is pretty sexy. Not going into much detail but colors, fonts, back, everything looks good.
Photoshop: [9/10]
This is where I was most impressed. There are ear shadows when there should be (not overdone). A touch of grain on most pictures to give it the DMV feel. Backgrounds on all but the MD are the right shades of blue for the state. Really impressed by the PS work here.
Scanning: [10/10]
Scanned a few and they all had correct info.
Holos/OVI: [6/10]
MD holos are crooked. OPE is pretty bad on some of them, some IDs more than others. Missing OVI on TN.
Signature: [8/10]
He does not generate them so I did them myself. Some should've been blown up depending on the state. Two IDs had the wrong signatures but he is reprinting.
Shipping: [7/10]
Even though it took some time to get to my door step but he delivered.
Conclusion: [8.5/10]
I've done a ton of orders through the past years and for a group the size of this, it was a job well done. Besides the time it took, I would go through him again. He hooked me up with a free 10-person order for the delay so I really can't complain much. He is willing to work with me on reprints and take care of everything messed up on his end. When I met him he told me he was working in over 100 Countries around the world, I think if he can come through on this then he can do it no matter where your order comes from. Good luck to [Document Consultants] on getting back on track. Thanks again!
Seller Info: [Document Consultants] (704)313-8416
[Image: poluchit.png]
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